Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 20: Deaths in the Rock and Photojournalism Worlds; Jennifer Egan Gets More Good News; and Tyler Perry Strikes Back!

Sad news today.

Gerard Smith, bassist for the indie rock band TV on the Radio, died from lung cancer at the age of 34. The band’s latest album, Nine Types of Light, was released over a week ago and has landed number 12 on the Billboard charts. Photojournalist Chris Hondras, whose work appeared on Getty Images, and Tim Hetherington, the British-born co-director of the war documentary, Restropo, were killed in Mastrapa, Libya on Wednesday. Two other journalists in their company were also injured. 

My condolences to all family and friends of these dearly departed.

In less depressing news, HBO announced today that it has bought the rights to Jennifer Egan’s 2010 novel A Visit From the Good Squad for adaptation into a series. This news comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that her novel won the Pulitzer Prize. Congrats in both regards to Ms. Egan!

And still yet other news, Tyler Perry finally responds to Spike Lee's criticisms of his work by telling the director he "should go to hell." Lee previously described Perry's as "coonery and buffoonery." As of this posting, Mr. Lee has yet to respond. But when he does, I'm sure it'll be interesting!

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